Reading: Top 5 AI Video Editing Apps for Creating Best Content in 2024

Top 5 AI Video Editing Apps for Creating Best Content in 2024

We tested hundreds of AI video generators, and here are the best tools to create videos for professionals, education, online meetings, and much more.

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Top 5 AI Video Editing Apps for Creating Best Content in 2024

We tested hundreds of AI video generators, and here are the best tools to create videos for professionals, education, online meetings, and much more.

AI-driven tools always simplify our many tasks more than ever. These tools ensure increased effectiveness and accuracy in various applications. AI-powered video editing tools simplify the process of creating high-quality videos. Your understanding of free AI  video makers may be limited if you’re unfamiliar with AI-driven video editing applications.  As AI transforms the world, video editing apps and tools are poised to take over the traditional video editing market. Then, In this article, we will mention the top AI video Editing apps for you.  

What’s AI Vidoe Editing?  

Automated editing tasks are executed by AI  video software, offering a suitable volition to homemade video editing. These smart tools retain the capability to fete,  dissect, and modify varied aspects of your videotape by employing algorithms to identify rudiments like objects and backgrounds. using artificial intelligence, these editors automate specific editing tasks.  It’s value noting that not all AI editors are ready to automate identical processes. Yet, a variety of AI tools can be set up for tasks like color correction, lighting adaptations, reframing, and more. These AI  videotape editors are available online or as downloadable software. 

Why should choose AI video editing software?

Utilizing AI  video editing software offers a noteworthy time-saving benefit. For new editors, the homemade editing of just one nanosecond of video content can devour up to an hour or further. AI software accelerates many processes by automatically and efficiently conserving your precious time. When aiming for a speedy and graceful video product, AI editing software becomes the best assistant. 

Consider the task of resizing a  video for a specific social media platform – a potentially awkward step before uploading content. still, with AI software,  negotiating this task is as simple as just clicking a button.   AI video editors can dissect your video content. As a result, definite software can help in casting your videos, generating highlights, and applying the finishing traces to your work efficiently. 

Top 5 AI Video Editing Apps in 2024

Possessing an exceptional AI video editor is a transformative advantage. With a suitable AI tool, tasks can be completed more swiftly and smoothly than before. If your goal is to augment the efficiency of your workflow, incorporating AI software is the best choice for you. In this compilation, you’ll find a selection of the most efficient AI video editors available.

1. iMovie- Free AI Video Editor

Price: Free AI Video Editor

iMovie stands out as an editing software with a perceptive design, striking a balance between powerful tools and a user-friendly interface. Even individuals without previous editing experience should make iMovie to be easily navigable. The editor provides a variety of straightforward editing tools, enabling swift and unfussy modifications to footage.

Key Features

  • The AI Magic Movie tool flawlessly combines video footage with music, transitions, and additional elements to make a comprehensive and full-length video.
  • It features special editing effects like transitions, animations, sound effects, etc.
  • Storyboards offer templates that assist in creating videos for various purposes, including social media, education, trailers, and more.


  • Only available on MacOS devices
  • No text-based editing tools 

2. Adobe Premiere Pro- AI video editor for professionals

Price: $20.99/mo

Among the advanced editors highlighted in this list, Adobe Premiere Pro stands out. Although the feature-rich and robust software may cause a challenge for navigation, it boasts several AI functionalities. In addition to essential tools like auto reframing, a plethora of options are at your disposal.

Key Features

  • Color Matching: This tool matches the colors in two different video clips efficiently.
  • Face Detection: recognizes individual faces, helpful for the coloring of skin tones
  • Morph Cuts: This makes your video look like one take rather than a series of jump cuts
  • Auto reframe: to change a video’s aspect ratio


  • More expensive
  • The complex platform can be overwhelming

 3. Kapwing-AI Video Subtitle

Price: Free and paid $16/mo

Kapwing serves as a valuable platform for AI video editing. This AI-powered editing software encompasses a variety of user-friendly tools. Kapwing proves adaptable, allowing for tasks such as video and meme creation, text-based editing, slideshow production, and more. It’s an excellent option for crafting attention-grabbing short-form content.

 Key Features

  • Text-based video editing: Best to remove sections of your video
  • Automatic video transcriptions and subtitles
  • Generate videos and memes
  • Smart Cut AI tool


  • The free version leaves a watermark on videos
  • Limits exports to up to just 4 minutes long

4. DaVinci Resolve 18.5- AI video editor with many tools

Price: $295

The most latest version of DaVinci Resolve is ready with numerous AI tools, offering a rich array of features. Remarkably, the DaVinci Neural Engine stands out, able to perform tasks like analyzing audio and video clips. Whether it’s tracking object movements or isolating specific elements in your video, this software provides comprehensive functionality.

Key Features

  • Automatic speech: Speech to text for generation of video subtitles
  • Proxy Generator App: This is for automatically creating proxies from camera originals 
  • Neural Engine AI: capability of automatically sorting audio clips based on classification


  • Complicated software with a steep learning curve for beginners
  • The platform is not fully intuitive or streamlined
  • Top of Form

5. Riverside- Creating clips for social media

Price: Free and paid $15/mo

Riverside stands as an online platform for recording and editing videos. Its text-based editor is brimming with user-friendly tools tailored for beginners, allowing for the seamless enhancement of your video content. These tools include AI features for efficient editing and repurposing of footage. The text-based editor integrates highly accurate AI transcriptions, supporting over 100 languages. Additionally, the platform’s search bar enables users to locate specific phrases in their videos, and it also facilitates the automatic removal of discomfited silences.

Key Features

  • AI transcriptions in over 100 languages
  • Text-based AI video editing
  • AI Speaker View tool  
  • Record separate audio and video tracks add a logo or change the video background
  • Magic Clips tool 


  • Editing tools not available on the mobile app

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