Reading: Google New AI Search feature: Everything you Need to know

Google New AI Search feature: Everything you Need to know

Discover Google's new AI search! Ask questions, get answers, and find the perfect product - all in one place. Experience the future of search today.

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Google New AI Search feature: Everything you Need to know

Discover Google's new AI search! Ask questions, get answers, and find the perfect product - all in one place. Experience the future of search today.

Google keeps making its search engine better by using new technology. One thing they’re working on now is using smart computers to make a new way of searching called Search Generative Experience (SGE). Even though SGE is still in progress, it could change how we search for things online a lot.

Right now, SGE can make a big difference in how we find stuff on the internet. Instead of just showing a list of links, SGE can give us short explanations, answer our questions, and make searching faster. That means we won’t have to go through lots of useless results, making it easier to find what we need.

Google is also working on Project MAGI, which is all about creating a super-smart search engine. MAGI wants to understand what we’re asking for, even if we don’t say it directly, and give us the best answers.

What is Google SGE

Google SGE is a cool new way to find information online. It has two big updates that are worth knowing about.

First, there’s a feature called “Perspectives.” This feature gives you different views on topics from real people. It’s like hearing personal stories and experiences, which can help you understand things better.

Secondly, Google is using smart technology to improve search results. This means you’ll get quick summaries of information, with links to more details if you want them.

Also, Google SGE makes shopping easier. You can find lots of details about products in one place, like reviews, prices, and pictures.

Overall, Google SGE aims to make searching and shopping online more enjoyable and helpful.

How many types of AI Google Used

Google uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to make its search engine better. AI is like teaching computers to think and do tasks like humans do. It helps machines understand and respond to complicated information, making things work faster and smarter.

Google’s AI is special because it uses generative AI. This makes searching on Google more personalized and detailed. For example, it can predict what you might search for next or even have a conversation with you. This makes finding information easier and quicker than before.

Google launches New AI Search feature

Google has a new search engine that uses fancy AI technology. It’s like a smarter version of the old Google search. I’ve been trying it out, and it seems like the way we’ll search online in the future.

This new AI-powered search engine was introduced at a Google event in May. It changes how we search by not showing a list of links. Instead, it uses AI to summarize information from different places automatically. This means you don’t have to click on lots of links or use specific keywords to find what you need. The AI does the work of putting everything together for you.

Google’s new approach also means they’re not just gathering information anymore. They’re also organizing and summarizing it for you. Although there’s no person at Google checking every response, they made the AI work in a certain way. This changes how Google works with websites that provide information because Google has more control over how information is shown.

You can ask follow-up questions as you do with ChatGPT. However, unlike ChatGPT, this new search engine shows links to the sources on the side. This helps you verify the information and correct any mistakes the AI might make. Generative AI can sometimes give wrong answers because it doesn’t understand information the same way we do. It just predicts what might come next.

Google hasn’t made this new search widely available yet. They’re still testing it until December, but you can sign up to try it early.

Google’s AI-Powered Search Experience: A User’s Perspective

Using Google’s AI search feels like getting help from a smart friend who knows a lot. For example, when I wanted to know about the new Street Fighter game rules, I typed in some keywords, not a full sentence. Even though I didn’t type naturally, Google still gave me the info I needed about the game tournament rules. It even showed me where it got the information from.

But I had more questions, like if my game controller was okay for the tournament. Google’s AI said yes but didn’t explain why. I had to check another website to understand why my controller was allowed. Google’s AI is good, but sometimes it can’t explain things well.

I also asked about a tricky part in a Zelda game. Google’s AI explained how to beat that part, but it didn’t have pictures. Pictures would have made it easier to understand. This shows that AI has limits and can’t always give the best answers.

In the future, Google’s AI might show pictures directly in search results, which could upset some websites. This is because websites make money from people visiting them. If fewer people visit, they might lose money.

Making Search Better with Smart Technology

We’ve upgraded Search with smart technology called generative AI. This makes searching easier for you. Now, you can quickly understand topics, find new ideas, and finish tasks faster.

Imagine you want to know the best place for a family with young kids and a dog. Normally, you’d have to search a lot and figure things out on your own. But with generative AI, Search does some of the hard work for you.

You’ll get a quick summary of important details, with links for more info. Below that, you can ask more questions like “How long to stay at Bryce Canyon with kids?” This opens up a chat-like mode where you can ask Google for more details.

You’ll keep the context from one question to the next, making it easier to explore. Plus, you’ll find links to websites and different opinions to help you dive deeper into the topic.

Making Shopping Easier with AI: A Better Way to Decide What to Buy

When you search for something to buy, our AI helps by showing you all the important details in one place. You’ll see a summary of key factors to think about, along with products that match what you’re looking for. This includes descriptions with reviews, ratings, prices, and images. Our AI shopping experience uses Google’s Shopping Graph, which has tons of product information from different sellers and brands. It’s always updating, so you get the latest and most accurate results every time you search.

Showcasing Various Voices and Information Sources

We understand that people like hearing different perspectives to make better decisions. That’s why we’ve created these new features to highlight and draw attention to web content, making it easy for you to explore topics in depth. As we integrate generative AI into Search, we’ll keep sending useful traffic to websites.

We also believe that ads play an important role in supporting the internet and helping you find relevant products and services. In this new search experience, ads will still appear in designated spots on the page. We’re committed to being transparent about ads and making sure you can tell them apart from regular search results.”

Being Careful with New AI Features

The new generative AI and LLMs in Search have some limits, and they might not always give the perfect answer. We’re being careful and thoughtful about introducing these new AI features. We’ve trained these models to meet our high standards for quality, and we’ll keep making them better. These models rely on our trusted systems that we’ve improved for many years, and we’ve added extra rules to make sure they’re used correctly.

You can check the information yourself and click to learn more if you want to understand things better.


What is the new Google search feature?

It’s called Circle to Search. Now, you can just circle, highlight, scribble, or tap on something in a picture or video to learn more about it.

What’s Google’s new AI?

It’s called Gemini. Google stopped using Bard and switched to Gemini because it’s better.

What’s the latest Google update in 2024?

It’s about making search results better by fighting against spam. The goal is to show us the most useful and newest content first when we search for something.

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