Reading: Mechanical vs Membrane Keyboard: Which is Best for Gaming

Mechanical vs Membrane Keyboard: Which is Best for Gaming

If you want to compare Mechanical keyboards VS membrane keyboards then Mechanical keyboards are more long-lasting compared to membrane keyboards.

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Mechanical vs Membrane Keyboard: Which is Best for Gaming

If you want to compare Mechanical keyboards VS membrane keyboards then Mechanical keyboards are more long-lasting compared to membrane keyboards.

Hi…! Are you a gamer? Then, surely you are in search of the best keyboard, either a Mechanical vs Membrane keyboard? I’ll tell you and help you to choose the best keyboard for your gaming tasks.

Being a gamer, every part of your gaming station is crucial.  In your gaming world, the computer monitor is the visual display, the desktop PC is working hard behind the scenes, keyboard helps you to react quickly to enemies. Moreover, it’s not just crucial for success during gameplay, but the keyboard is also necessary for your non-gaming tasks on the desktop.

As you are looking for the best keyboards, you’ll get two options and quickly run into a debate: Mechanical vs Membrane keyboard. There are benefits and drawbacks to each keyboard variety which are affected by variables such as your lifestyle, budget, and purpose for this oft-ignored but essential peripheral. Keep reading about the best gaming peripherals for optimal performance and learn how to determine which one might be the best to outfit your battle station.

Difference: Mechanical  VS Membrane Keyboards?

The main difference between mechanical vs membrane keyboards is the type of switch that is used to register a key press. Mechanical keyboards use a spring-loaded mechanism to press a switch, while membrane keyboards use rubber domes which are pushed down to connect to small electrical contacts. Membrane keyboards are made up of three different layers which are made of very flexible materials. The top layer consists of a membrane layer which is followed by an inert middle layer and the third membrane layer is at the bottom. A conductive trace is located under each layer which triggers the letter or action on the screen during a keypress.

Mechanical keyboard switches

In Mechanical keyboards, pressing a mechanical switch moves a plastic panel out of the way and two electrical contacts can meet. The switch then registers the key press, and the spring at the bottom helps the switch to come to its original position back quickly. Because of the more precise and different nature of this keyboard, typing feels snappier and produces a high degree of feedback.

Membrane keyboard switches

When users press the key cap, membrane keyboard switches are activated and make a small contact at the bottom of the switch to be pushed onto a receiver positioned along the keyboard’s floor.

This keyboard will feel softer under the hand and with that rubber dome sheet produce spongey sensational feelings.

Pros and Cons of Mechanical Keyboards?


A mechanical keyboard could last for years and even with lots of daily use. It might be the right choice to complete your gaming or office tasks.

1. Long lifespan

The major benefit of this keyboard is that it has a longer lifespan than other types of keyboards.

2. Durable

Another benefit of this keyboard is that it doesn’t wear out as fast, and it feels like new for much longer as compared to the membrane keyboards.

3. Great feedback

A mechanical switch gives a more satisfying typing experience. For some switches, you can opt for more acoustic feedback. There are also special switches that are built for gaming purposes, while others are built for typing and other daily computing tasks at home or office.

4. Stability

Due to bumper typing stability, It’s not going to slide around, even if you’re an aggressive typist. You can type easily anyway.


There are also some drawbacks or cons of these keyboards you may want to take into consideration while buying.

1. Noise

This can be quite loud due to their robust construction. In particular, if you game late into the night, it could be a problem for you and others due to the noise of key pressing.

2. More expensive

Another drawback of these keyboards is that they can be expensive. But dear, keep in mind that the price reflects the quality.

3. Heavier

Because of its design, these keyboards can be heavier which may make them awkward in some contexts.

Pros and Cons of Membrane Keyboards?

All membrane keyboards utilize a unified, soft, and rubbery layer instead of individual keys, in contrast to the configuration found in mechanical keyboards.


Let’s look at some of the reasons that motivate you to choose this keyboard might be for gaming and general computing.

1. Satisfying feedback

One of the most beautiful features of this keyboard is the crisp response associated with it.

2. Quiet

Another feature of this keyboard is that it’s quiet, even during moments of high-intensity typing. This is the best choice in open environments where noise levels need to be kept up to a minimum level.

3. Economically Affordable

Membrane keyboards are also more affordable because they’re made of such materials which are easily available.

4. Small and compact

If you are a traveler then it is the best choice because it’s probably going to be easier for you, since they’re lightweight and compact.


This type of keyboard isn’t for everyone, it has some disadvantages, which you should keep in consideration while buying. Some of these cons are

1. Not as sturdy

While the membranes of this keyboard are flexible, they’re not as long-lasting.

2. Shorter lifespan

These keyboards typically have a shorter lifespan since they’re not as robust as these keyboards and are made up of such materials.

Which is Better? Mechanical Keyboards VS Membrane Keyboards

After seeing the differences between the mechanical vs membrane keyboards, you might be curious about which one is best for you. For Gamers, mechanical keyboards are favorable because they offer a longer lifespan and faster gaming experience.

While professional gamers played an important role in promoting mechanical keyboards, the latest models, featuring tactile and auditory feedback, have expanded their practical appeal beyond the gaming community.


1. Which keyboard is better, mechanical or membrane?

Mechanical keyboards are better than other types of keyboards. The major benefit of a mechanical keyboard is that it has a longer lifespan than a membrane keyboard. Mechanical keyboard is tested to last 30 and 70 million keypresses. While membrane keyboards will reach around 5 million presses and have a shorter lifespan.

2. Is a mechanical keyboard as quiet as a membrane?

None at all, mechanical keyboards are louder because of clicky and tactile switches as compared to membrane keyboards.  If you are sensitive to noise, You can also buy silent mechanical keyboards with linear switches.

3. What are the disadvantages of a mechanical keyboard?

Disadvantages of Mechanical Keyboards:

. Difficult to carry while traveling

. Expensive

. Noise caused while pressing keys

4. Which keyboard is best for typing?

The best keyboard for typing is Keychron Q2. We’ve tested almost 250 different keyboards and found that the best keyboard for typing is the Keychron Q2 due to its high-quality aluminum case, excellent typing experience, and compact size.

5. Why do gamers love mechanical keyboards?

Gamers prefer to have mechanical keyboards because of their longer lifespan, faster, more tactile, and positive feedback.

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