Reading: What is Bing AI image creator? How to use it for creating free images

What is Bing AI image creator? How to use it for creating free images

Welcome to Microsoft Bing Image Creator, an amazing tool for preparing all types of images. Bing AI image creator tool that creates pictures from a simple text description.

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What is Bing AI image creator? How to use it for creating free images

Welcome to Microsoft Bing Image Creator, an amazing tool for preparing all types of images. Bing AI image creator tool that creates pictures from a simple text description.

At the same time, Microsoft introduced Bing AI image creator working. Using an earlier version of Dall E, the improved image quality was more accurate for prompt processing and more details within images.

What Is Bing Image Creator?

Bing Image Creator is a state-of-the-art AI platform, that allows you to develop an image from your phrases for some images. Bing AI image creator is backed up and trained by millions of images, which can generate the pictures you might be expecting.

Bing image generator accepts a range of output styles among others hyper-realistic, cartoon anime watercolor cyberpunk, and so forth thanks to the powerful machine learning algorithm from Microsoft Bing image generator the dream scene you wish for can be actualized.

Using the Bing Image Creator

What you need: One advantage of using the Bing image creator is that it does not need an OpenAI account. Accessing the Bing ai Image Creator is possible through either Bing Chat or by visiting Create where they found it online today!

1. Go to Bing AI Image Generator.

Alternatively, you can just search the Bing image generator on the POWER MODE (search engine) or simply type “” to directly open at AICreated powered by Bing. Then Log in with your Microsoft account by clicking or tapping “Join & Create” to open the Bing AI generator.

Here, there is a whole range of AI-generated images in different styles presented on the page and you can simply move your mouse over the page to see and learn from Bing image creator prompts.

2. Enter your prompts and start the Bing AI Image generator

Now, you can write your prompts in the upper text box and specify the words with as much detail as possible to get better results.

After narration, click the “Create” button and wait until you see your AI-created images.

Alternatively, click ‘Surprise me’ and a prompt will show up on the textbox.

It is important to note that every account has 100 credits available for free image generation. On the opposite, you may end up paying for AI image creation credits on Bing AI’s image generator.

3. Preview AI-Generated Image

After a few seconds, Bing will put the picture as you typed in the text box.

One credit is charged for every image generation.

And you can see all your AI-created pictures in the “Creation” section.

You can view the particular details of that image, namely its prompts, format, and dimensions.

4. Download your AI-generated image with Bing Image Creator

If you like the result of the image generated by AI, then simply click on the ‘Share’, ‘Save’ or “Download” icons to save your picture in local files.

In addition, you can click the “Customize” button to go over to “Microsoft Designs”, whereby your image becomes more advanced.

So, you can request the AI design tool to redraw an image generated using artificial intelligence based on its description. In just a few seconds, you could see the generated design in the right window.

You can choose the design and download or alter it until you are happy with how it looks. That’s all about Bing AI image creator usage. You may even give it a try to produce text-generated images with many Bing image-generator styles.

Bing AI Image Creator Compared to Dall-E AI

Dall-E is a powerful model behind the Microsoft Bing image creator.

Although Dall-E 2 is also a robust AI image generator powered by OpenAI, you should understand the difference between Dall-E 2 and Bing. These two AI image generators are distinct from the UI(user interface) level in their AI effect.

In contrast to Dall-E2, the Bing AI image generator performs well when it comes to generating paint and photographic images. For hyper-realistic images, give Bing a try.

Otherwise, you will need to use Dall-E 2 for the cartoon and other images.

In general, both Bing image generator and Dall-E 2 are good AI image creators. These have their pros and cons. You can pick one depending on your types of image creation and other individualized needs.

Is Bing Image Creator free?

Currently, Bing’s AI Image Creator is still free; however, you can upgrade to purchase more boosts if they run out. Boosts are the credits here, as each prompt you give to generate an image will take away one of your boosts. 25 boosts were given to users when they first began utilizing the Image Creator, but it has now increased to 100.

When you use all of your boosts, it takes longer for Bing Image Creator to produce AI images once given a prompt. Unlike 10-30 seconds it may take as much time as five minutes.

Microsoft used to refill boosts on a weekly schedule but has now changed over to doing it daily. Users are also able to get more boosts by saving Microsoft rewards.


In conclusion, Bing Image Creator is a useful tool to make free AI images. It makes the process of creating visuals for many uses easy. Whether it’s for social media or private collections, artists experiment with art and its straightforward experience. We’ve guided you through the process, so go ahead and release your creativity. Just try Bing image generator and begin your long travel towards the strange world of amazing visual creation! 

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