Reading: Samsung Galaxy Ring: A Complete Review of the New Smart Technology

Samsung Galaxy Ring: A Complete Review of the New Smart Technology

Samsung Galaxy Ring is the latest smart technology that lets you control your phone with gestures and track your health. Read our complete review to explore its features, price, and availability.

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Samsung Galaxy Ring: A Complete Review of the New Smart Technology

Samsung Galaxy Ring is the latest smart technology that lets you control your phone with gestures and track your health. Read our complete review to explore its features, price, and availability.

The Samsung Galaxy Ring is the device shown in glass at MWC 2024, the world’s largest mobile technology exhibition. To briefly recap what we’ve learned, I need to mention that this device is still in the prototyping phase (prototypes are early samples, models, or releases of products to test concepts or processes) of development.

As big as Samsung is at MWC, it can’t let go of the fitness and health tracking ring as a form, as cleverly as a little teardrop or a tiny circle. The fitness ring market has blossomed over the years, with the Oura Ring and a few others in it. But, as the biggest tech company in the world, this is its first ring. 

Sharing our ideas about the Galaxy Ring’s design is easy to do. It’s a circle. Samsung’s main color has a shiny metal exterior, and the ring, which looks like black plastic, has full sensors. The most impressive part about this device is that it’s very adaptable and could be useful in many industries, from home to education. As one can logically comprehend, combining the fitness tracker sensors, a battery, CPU, and Bluetooth into a ring form factor is a huge challenge. 

Samsung Galaxy Ring release date: When could the smart ring be released?

While the Galaxy Ring’s release date has yet to be revealed, Daniel Seung, head of Samsung’s B2B wearables company, revealed in a now-deleted LinkedIn post that a new wearable health and fitness tracker will launch in the second half of 2024.

This leads us to believe that the full reveal of the Galaxy ring will take place at the end of July and that the Galaxy ring will be released in early August. Samsung holds two Galaxy Unpacked events each year: one in January, where it focuses on the S series of smartphones, and another in July, where it tends to focus on foldable phones, smartwatches, and tablets.

 It will be a little later this year,” he told the publication, adding proof of a launch in the second half of 2024.

Samsung Galaxy ring price: How much does a smart ring cost?

There aren’t many rumors about the potential price of the Galaxy Ring, but we expect it to be an expensive set of products since you have to fit a bunch of sensors onto a small band. However, we have an inexact number thanks to the prices of comparable smart rings.

The Oura ring, currently a popular model, starts at $200 and can cost up to $540, while the Ultrahuman ring costs $349 and the more budget-friendly round ring costs $199. The Galaxy Ring’s retail price can be expected to fall between $260 and $450 if Samsung enters the smart ring market to compete with the Oura Ring.

My experience with the early Samsung Galaxy Ring prototype: Here are my thoughts.

I chose a Samsung Galaxy ring for my finger size, and it became obvious after I raised it above a light source. Or, at the very least, we are affected and at least partly transformed. The lightest of these rings was only 2.3g, so they might be too light, especially if plasticish. 

The possible colors and metal finishes include ceramic black, platinum silver, and old. When I delved into whether the crème-de-la-crème version would be metal-plated or just encrusted with colored plastic, a Samsung brand representative rejected knowing either way.

Pak explained the key features of the ring, starting with its focus on sleep tracking.

The nearly full presentation that was shown to me contained the ring’s USP about its ability to provide sleep tracking. The Ring offers four additional advanced sleep insights that a smartwatch doesn’t: a wake-up shake of the heart rate in sleep, breathing rate, movements, and time to fall asleep.

The Vitality Barometer studies physical and mental health utilizing machine learning technology and working with a lab at the University of Georgia (UGA). The research combines sleep, activity, heart rate at rest, and HRV (heart rate variability) to come up with a single number.

Through the consumption of large datasets, with proper and fair permission, and after the careful study of information that will benefit the population, This is what Dr. Pak stated. „What a changed mindset has been created here; it makes me believe that sleep is the sign of your health.“ We can, therefore, assume that things like, for instance, the fact that deep and REM sleep is strongly associated with dementia are within our knowledge. 

It looks like the vitality score is going to have almost the same function as the readiness rating in Oura rings and the training readiness in the best Garmin watches, except that it is now powered by large language models as opposed to the conventional algorithms used by Oura and Garmin.

Here’s what we thought of the Galaxy Ring

The focus of the presentation was mainly on the advantages the wearable had for sleep, including much more comfortable wearing since a ring is better than a smartwatch. Indicated by being much less annoying and less painful. The fact that the ring has occupied this particular useful part of my body for the past two days tailored me to the statement that it was indeed comfortable to drag around, even for short examination trials. My skin somehow quickly adapts to synthetic material (even with the protruding plastic-skin contact nodules), and we were offered ring sizes of 5–13.

The sleep innovations don’t stop there: the smart ring is also useful for sleep apnea(Sleep apnea is a potentially serious sleep disorder in which breathing repeatedly stops and starts.) detection, and Pak imagines a time when the ring will finally get to contact the smart mattress, which thermo-regulates. By early Ring’s ability to aid in temperature regulation, it can identify when the body is abnormally heated and will adjust the temperature to a cooler level without the intervention of the human. 

Simplified approach and data privacy

The Ring is “a complete and universal solution” to health and sleep, says Pak, without any barriers to text message operation, and AI is the driving force to do the reading and responsiveness for you

“Our customers have always accused us in the past and stated explicitly that we want flexibility. I want a choice.’ For some of our customers, the simpler approach is preferred,” was Pak’s reply. The decision to put the Ring with the smartwatch or without it is in your hands. Isn’t it a bit creepy if the wearer isn’t adding any data? Rosswear provides its vision as ‘Style and comfort matter greatly, and there is a community that says ‘they can’t wear a watch’.

The Ring seems simple: unlike other smart rings, the Onyx does not have any buttons, no screens, no light-emitting devices, or any way of interacting with the ring. The one that I got a chance to test was a standard chunk of plastic device that I have to wear on my wrist every time I wake up, and the data collected gets transferred to my smartphone screen. the user interface that registers with one button or naturally presents the watch.

According to Sam, Samsung Knox will handle the security protocols to protect the cycle data from menstruation. Data privacy continues to be a matter of great concern for women all over the US, so Pak’s statement, “Our data privacy is a constant, not only with a new product we release,” reflects that the company cares about it.

Known specs, colors, and more

Samsung Galaxy Ring

This ring has a concave shape to prevent surface scratches; in the same way, the hard frame would do the job in some of the best timepieces that are specifically designed for running. Unlike previous ring design shapes, which have gone through different modifications, the Air shape is said to be more prone to scratches. It is therefore wonderful to see that Samsung is trying to fix this problem.

The Ring will measure steps through movement. It is not clear to me whether the battery will long last (“I cannot tell you [how long the ring’s life is] as the product is still in progress”); however, the battery indicated on the Ring can be from 14.5 mAH to 21.5 mAH; the size is the relevance. As for the battery weight, the range is 2–3 g to 2 It’s got those aforementioned three colors right now: ceramic black, platinum silver, and gold (but as never, these are the options to upgrade) and are also available.

It packs in a lot of the Samsung Galaxy Watch’s sensors in miniature, including an SPO2 blood oxygen sensor, and you do get additional benefits by wearing the Watch and Ring together: sleep stages are more accurately detected.

I memorized it well, but we were only able to wear the prototypes for a couple of minutes, and, who knows, even the photos were forbidden. This way, I can’t be of much help; neither I can give you an overall evaluation nor I can say how it is used practically; however, I can tell you that it’s the event that addresses the evolution path of Samsung wearables.


What is Samsung's new ring used for?

The ring contains a compact battery with capacities ranging from 14.

Samsung’s Hon Pak explained that the Galaxy Ring will track various health indicators through its integrated sensor array. This includes tracking heart rate, breathing rate, sleep movements, and time taken to fall asleep.

What is the function of Galaxy Ring?

The Samsung Galaxy Ring has various sensors to track things like heart rate. BARCELONA, Spain – Galaxy Ring, Samsung’s latest wearable, will launch with health tracking features including heart rate and sleep tracking, while also providing users with a fitness score.

How much Price of Samsung smart ring cost?

Oura is currently the market leader in smart rings, as the Oura Ring is the most popular device in this category. If Samsung enters the market to compete with other smart rings like the Oura Ring, we can expect the retail price of the Galaxy Ring to drop to between $260 and $450.

What is smart ring technology?

Similar to smartwatches, smart rings use built-in sensors to track activity and health.

For example, steps and heart rate tracking, temperature, sleep monitoring (by measuring heart rate and movement), and blood flow.

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