Reading: 7 Best Ways to Boost Your Self-confidence

7 Best Ways to Boost Your Self-confidence

Free your inner confidence! Learn 7 powerful ways to boost your self-confidence & self-belief. Boost your success & happiness - read this article!

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7 Best Ways to Boost Your Self-confidence

Free your inner confidence! Learn 7 powerful ways to boost your self-confidence & self-belief. Boost your success & happiness - read this article!

Among all the other important characteristics, confidence stands out as one thing that can make a person fully captivating, because self-confidence always comes with strong self-esteem and belief in one’s abilities. However, it is the question whose answer is the mystery; what exactly is self-assurance? How can people learn to be confident?

It isn’t a gift people are born having; rather it is a state of mind, considered a greater virtue, acquired over periods and through conscious efforts. Here we look for means and methods how to develop and enhance this extraordinary gift of yours called gratitude.

Personal Journey

If I put in the effort to investigate my moments of self-confidence and self-doubt, it is something I always seem to realize that my mood swings between self-assurance and episodes of doubting myself. Sitting in most of the sessions and seeing this, I was beginning to wonder how some of my classmates practiced so much perseverance and self-belief. And then I realized that giving someone confidence is not a gift as such, but it is an action which we have to choose to do.

Moreover, when you walk around with a mental attitude, your self-confidence is also affected. So I entered the process of self-reflection where I searched for answers in my inner self and conscience. I have been a very emotional person and I went through so much but I became steady and confident because I knew that I could rely on it. Slowly but surely, I started viewing myself not through the eyes of the uni kid but those of the volunteer worker.

And then the day shall come when I shall finally realize that envy, one of the greatest robbers of joy, hides under the guise of comparison. Thanks to realizing that everybody has their unique path, I transferred my focus from this constant internal struggle towards myself, spending my time and energy on my personal development rather than failures in this deadly comparative game.

Now I would like to share with you that I found myself tough and courageous by following the seven essential keys to stability and confidence.

Step by step on how to build your self-confidence

1. Cultivate Confidence

Confidence charisma can also be sufficiently effective when you don’t naturally do it. Confidence is a matter of choice, as in the case of the saying “Fake it ‘til you make it”. You can project confidence by acting confidently and people will believe in you as such. The having confidence perception becomes your own mind’s property gradually and you learn to implement this in your own life unconsciously.

2. Enhance Communication

Composure is not all what you say or how you say it rather is also greatly about how well your message gets through. Clear communication is key:

  • Speak clearly and steadily.
  • With rhythms, and calming breaths while talking.
  • Instead of employing such words that counter your statement, just use “only”, “similar”, or “possibly”.
  • Keep your eyes fixed on the audience’s face and smile as a sign of confidence.

3. Highlight the best part of yours

What do you consider most of your strong traits? You can confidently take pride in your capabilities and talents. Show them proudly!

“Learn to showcase the best of your work and persona by using different approaches, take the best of yourself as well as of your work.” Jacqueline Suzuki adds.

In a job interview, the most common starter by employers is “Tell me about yourself or you”. On this note, you must highlight the skills and traits that make you a perfect fit for the job you are applying for. It is important to point out your best skills and achievements to make them more prominent.

4. Self-understanding

Self-awareness is the fundamental pillar of confidence. List your strengths, weaknesses, values, passions, and fears and see that how they fit your major. Choose the major which got you closer to your dream career. Write a SWOT analysis or go through a self-discovery prompt to discover your hidden talents, abilities, and weak points that define you.

5. Foster Positivity

Overpower negative thoughts with positive ones by taking such marks on toilet paper or pieces of paper and covering them with positive writing with the same strength. Emphasize the positive factors in order not to let the individuals lose confidence and self-esteem.

6. Set your Goals

By setting attainable objectives you can gain access to gradually building self-confidence and momentum. Set your goals modestly initially and gradually move towards more challenging ones. Furthermore, make sure that the set goals can be realistically achieved. In other words, believe in yourself.

7. Embrace Failure

Fear of failing rarely leaves anybody with a clear perspective and confidence. Although hearing failure as a learning chance triggers growth as well as being resilient. Withstanding risks, and admitting failures, are all milestones on our way to building our inner confidence.


In the last part, the road to social confidence and individual development joins. Hence, you should always keep this in mind and think of ways to write a personal development plan on how to take full advantage of the newly discovered confidence for the realization of your objectives and dreams. However, the question remains, how to define a Personal Development Plan (PDP)? Fundamentally, it is a set of tools that you as an individual draw on to set goals and examine your strategy or the pathway you will take to achieve those goals, thus allowing you to track and assess your progress.

A vital aspect of living is self-development training and you can use it competitively in your career, to make your life better. This is a great opportunity for you to not only devise your self-development plan but also to dive into a voyage of self-discovery and to see through your potential strengths at the same time focus on improving areas that you consider lacking. Polishing even more of the process of creating your Personal Development Plan, please expand your knowledge with the large collection of materials that are attached to this article.


1. How can I be 100% confident in myself?

Practice Self-Talk as positive

Here are a few examples of ways to challenge pessimistic self-talk and reframe your thoughts into a more positive way of thinking, increasing your self-confidence along the way: ‘Can’t Handles’ or ‘This is Impossible’ transform readily into ‘I can do it’ or ‘All I have to do is just to try, only.’

2. How can I boost my self-confidence?

  • Be kind to yourself
  • Get to know yourself. To illustrate, such as: What causes or brings joy to you? How do you look at your life and how you live it?
  • Withstand unkind thoughts about your character.
  • Be positive and encouraging yourself.
  • Practice saying no. …
  • Do your best to avoid compulsive self-evaluation with others’ achievements.
  • Take your time to do something sweet towards you.

3. Why am I not confident?

Some of the many causes of low self-esteem may include a difficult childhood in which a parent (or any other significant person like a teacher) was unforgivingly critical. Not cutting the school exams, hence lacking confidence. Life circumstances whereby stressful cases happen including relationship breakups and financial struggle.

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