Reading: How to Download YouTube Videos in 4 Easy Steps

How to Download YouTube Videos in 4 Easy Steps

You can download YouTube videos to your PC using safe websites and browser extensions. Before downloading, you should also review these important tips.

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How to Download YouTube Videos in 4 Easy Steps

You can download YouTube videos to your PC using safe websites and browser extensions. Before downloading, you should also review these important tips.

Have you ever had someone send you a great YouTube video and you don’t want to use the entire production, but still want to reproduce it? Even though your brain and creativity might be a world of their own, let us not forget to download YouTube videos safely and legally only after which you can add them to your videos.

What kind of video you need will determine if you download it for the library or for editing and sharing on social media. The fact is to find an adjustable video file that can be reusable is quite a task. It is the reason that you have all tools like apps or websites trusted to you. Free Video downloaders allow you to quickly and easily save videos in a desired format.

Here are  4 Easy Steps to Download YouTube Videos

Method 1. 4k Video Downloader

4k Video Downloader maintains its image as one of the very easy ways to save the videos that you watch online.

Benefits: So it has a native Mac, Windows, Android, and even Linux-supportable app. It’s worth mentioning that we have also developed a completely free video downloading tool for users to download the desired videos up to 30 times a day. Downloading all of Mr. Beast’s playlists must be meant for you if you have decided to subscribe for a one-time payment for the premium version of the YouTube videos. Similarly, you can just copy the link from the YouTube video of a previously streamed and paste it as it would be if it were a regular video.

How to use: They have the application creatively designed to improve the user experience which implies visiting their website and downloading the app through any web browser. After installing, copy the URL address to the YouTube video you want to save. Then, open the 4K Video Downloader, and click the “paste link” button. Next, choose where you want your save to. All set to download.

Tip: in addition to that, users of the free version of the program can download YouTube video files in the highest quality setting, and at the same time, this one can use compression and be able to save space. Furthermore, remember to check for software updates on the next positions, they usually come with added features and bug fixes.


Another frequently used free online downloader more often than not Savefrom is the case that this is web-based and users download YouTube videos in that way.

Benefits: It is crucial to highlight that it can efficiently perform a task as a 4K video downloader (including HQ type downloads), but it has no limit on video download, AND it has a browser version on the web, this means it needs no install (although there is also a version in Android app).

How to use: Paste a YouTube URL to a field on their home page and click on the “download” button If one wants to download YouTube Videos, he/she should paste the video URL in one of the windows that open on the application download page and click on the “download” button.

Tip: The Trustwrotney is also great; the only thing is that we advise you to keep an eye on the antivirus and use ad-blocking extensions. If you come across suspicious ads, click them with notice. While viewing and downloading from the web, you must be careful enough not to get any malware(malicious software).

Method 3. Browser Extensions

Unlike external download sites, the proposed browser plugin provides a seamless YouTube video downloading experience in-tab. If you manage to find the right extension, then that’s exactly what you should be looking for.

Benefits: Browser plugins are the express lane on the highway, where the transfer of speed is available. This add item is a crucial part of the browser, it lets you transmit a video straightaway with the help of the built-in download and no need to use other websites or apps that are not in connection with this add item.

How to use: Try searching for YouTube video downloader extensions in the browser store, marketplace, or generally in the respective web store. A simple “Download” button often appears beneath the YouTube video once the extension is installed and it makes the process and action as easy as possible.

Tip: Read reviews of users about any given extension before you install it on your computer. They may also demonstrate how the technology is more effective and safer near the market. Be self-critical: if a long-term has a limited number of downloads or ratings on the market, don’t take a chance without thinking twice about the usage of the extension. Another point is updating your browser to be related to extensions through the internet.

Method 4. VLC Media Player

Videos are not the only thing that VLC can be used for at the same time it can help you to download them too. The VLC media player on your PC would be the manager, the only real representation for the billions on earth and the wonders beyond it, that would be passionately treasured and faithfully protected.

Benefits: Whether you have a versatile device or not, this is a powerful idea that you can consider using. It is rather awkward compared to the other solutions, but we can easily rely on VLC player which is a trusted platform without any security concerns using this method.

How to use: Initiate VLC Media Player, choose “Open Network Stream”, type your YouTube link in a separate dialog box, then push the “Play” button as the video is playing and then select “Tools” and then “Codec information” by right-clicking on the menu bar. Once the extended information appears, copy the location URL and paste it into a browser address bar. After the video plays, the right-click “Save As” option is visible to download the video you want to save.

Tip: Try not to forget to update VLC to have the most exciting experience. VLC is capable of converting videos to diverse formats, thus offering the possibility of conversions to the available versatility, as you desire.

Yet, the question that arises is whether it is a legitimate thing to do to a download video from YouTube. The answer is yes and one is free to do so within the domain of the law. Acquiring these videos now becomes a legally proper act with watching YouTube Premium and membership. However, a word of notice: taking another path away from the allowed download videos routines puts your position in the grey area of legal matters. However, unlike YouTube which has yet to resort to any legal action, it’s for sure that sticking with their copyright guidelines would be the wise thing to do as it will prevent any problems from coming up.

When you want to choose whether you have the right to download or the details of such usageCopyright websites or YouTube videos are essential to understand the legal issues.

YouTube’s Terms of Service: A point in our terms of service informs the audience that they are not allowed to download the content without getting the author’s consent or unless the platform itself has given the download option. This is the regulation put in place for the protection of the academic property of content creators.

Copyright Laws: In which way, if the content is owned by somebody or at least doesn’t have the necessary permit for these, downloading the video or using them differently could be considered a violation of the copyright law. Products may range from video removal to a copyright strike against the account, and sometimes, even legal action.

Fair Use: Despite the strict copyright law in various countries, such as the U.S., a provision called fair use is commonly available. Under such an idea, it is acceptable to reproduce copyrighted products without getting permission for criticism, commentary, news, education, and research purposes. While fair use could be a tough legal concept that is applied on a case-by-case basis, it has at times been applied to books.

1. Obtain Permission from Creators: To efficiently use somebody else’s content well in your video, seek the creator’s express rights to include it. This can be achieved by buying a licensing agreement or grant of rights obtained in writing.

2. Utilize Royalty-Free Media: Think about how others give their videos for free under Creative Commons licenses and may not allow others to use their videos under the premise that they require some conditions to be fulfilled. However, an increasing number of the former passed the right to ban the footage from these videos to the creators. Hence, some sites are designed for “royalty-free videos,” where everyone uploads content in the first place for unlimited use. In addition, it is important to review licensing conditions for the safe use of such materials.

Once you download the YouTube video what next?

Users can now download YouTube videos for offline viewing, and editing, and get the sensations they need with only a click on the screen. Downloading online videos has now become something that we all possess within our reach. Whether it is a phone with a special app or a laptop with special software, downloading has been made easy.

Suppose that you want to cut a track from a YouTube video or meeting or convert the interview you have done into a podcast for those road trips, our helpful guide on saving the audio from YouTube will give you the desired output.

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